Multipoint Reactor Temperature Assemblies

A. Temperature Multipoint fast response


  • Weld-in plugs per point
  • Spring loaded thermocouples for excellent contact with weld-in plugs
  • Thermowell per point
  • Easy replacement of individual thermocouples during operation thus assuring long life in continuous operation
  • Second containment pressure chamber
  • Cooling radiator for high temperature applications
  • Purging as an option

Typical application: any standard process



B. Spring loaded temperature multipoint

  • Each thermocouple is pressed against the inner wall by means of guiding rings and springs
  • Guiding tube per point

Typical application: any standard process



C. Profile Temperature Multipoint Assembly

  • Discrete thermocouples are bundled in a small diameter protection tube
  • Diameter of thermocouples from 0.8 mm and up
  • Bundles of a multitude of thermocouples (for example 40 thermcouples in a 9 mm tube)
  • No individual replacement possible

Typical application: tubular reactor processes



D. Central core temperature multipoint

  • Several thermocouples in one mineral insulated cable all connected to one common core
  • Diameter from 1/8" (3 mm) and up depending on the number of measuring points

Typical application: ethylene oxide process



E. Spider temperature multipoint assembly

  • Choice between discrete thermocouples (from 1 mm on) or multi-core thermocouples (from 1/8" - 3 mm on).

Typical application: hydrocracker