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Since it’s incorporation in 1983, Rodax has been consistently present in the industrial markets with an allround program of temperature sensors and assemblies.

In close cooperation with our globally present customers, we created very reliable solutions for general and specific applications such as high vibration resistant sensors, furnace and boiler thermocouples, multipoint reactor temperature assemblies, etc.

We also provide professional supervision and installation onsite services for critical measurements during turnarounds.

Rodax is member of the Eight Lakes group, an international group of companies, which consists of Telerex, Aveva Select Benelux, Eltrex Motion, EltrexPro, CATS France, CATS Power design, MechaTronix, Cooling House, DolphinLuxendi & Aveva Select Scandinavia.


1983 – Birth

In 1983, Ludwig De Coninck founded Rodax as a specialised manufacturing company for temperature instrumentation, targeting the chemical and petrochemical industry. Operations started in Schilde, near Antwerp and swiftly expanded.


2001 – Sales Force

Having started as a production facility, Rodax soon recognised the need for its own dedicated sales organisation, resulting in the installation of a full fletched professional sales force.


2008 – Service Team

The need for specialised installation services of skin type thermocouples and multipoints became ever more apperent. Rodax decided to start its own team of service experts to be sent out and take installation and maintenance in hand.


2009 – Larger Facilities

Due to the growing market position and sales efforts, Rodax soon outgrew its initial location and moved to a larger facility in Deurne, Antwerp. Using this opportunity, the machinery was completely revamped.


2015 – Eight Lakes group

In 2015 Rodax joined the international Eight Lakes group. This group of several internationally operating companies grew out of Rodax’ sister-company Telerex, owned by Ludwig’s son Yannic De Coninck.


2020 – Rodax in 2020

By 2020, Rodax has outgrown its initial future plans by a large margin, employing over 30 people and managing applications and projects worldwide.