On Site Services

In response to the needs of our international customers, we created  a team of experienced co-workers in 2009 for the installation of our furnace and boiler thermocouples.
We offer complete services from front to end.

• Definition of a detailed scope of supply
• Definition of installation : risk analysis; welding procedures; supervision
• Preshaping of skin thermocouples
• Installation and final control
• As built Data Manufacturing Book

Our services consist of supervision and installation of temperature sensors, furnace and boiler thermocouples and multipoint reactor temperature assemblies in chemical, petrochemical and energy installations for major global customers in these industries.

It is important that these temperature sensors are correctly installed in order to keep providing reliable measurement over a long period of time.

We can provide installation teams consisting of supervisors, certified welders and experienced mechanics for Turnarounds or simply on call for critical measurements, replacements, repair or modifications.


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