Ultra High vibration resistant Pt100 for compressors


Temperature measurement on reciprocating and turbo compressors.
Compressors in general require accurate and durable temperature measurement in order to assure continuous operation. Pt100 elements are accurate but difficult to resist the severe vibration conditions in the long term.

Our Solution

In the early nineties we designed a Pt100 that resists vibration between 2 and 2500 Hz at 30 g, shock 500g in 3 axes. This covers most, if not all of the applications. These units were successfully tested at an officially recognized testing laboratory.

All components on these Pt100 are of high quality and all sensors are individually tested on precision by our quality assurance department. Pt100 sensors are available in Class A/B and higher accuracies.

Our Expertise

We have been supplying these Pt100 temperature sensors for more than 20 years. Since then, we have manufactured thousands of units.
Our references include not only manufacturers, but also users such as Shell, BASF, Bayer, Air Liquide, etc.