Rodax Furnace and Boiler Thermocouples

Rodax Furnace and Boiler Thermocouples are installed in challenging environments. Therefore, special care must be taken in defining the right product and choice of materials for the process involved. In order to maximize and maintain safety of operations, tube skin temperatures need to be precisely monitored. That is why Rodax Furnace and Boiler Thermocouples have been designed to meet strict objectives:

Rodax criteria for correct measurement:

  • Choosing the best mounting method and sensor form.
  • Defining the materials needed in dialogue with the customer.
  • Identifying the best way to conducting your measurement outside the furnace.

Long life:

The selected head type and sheath material are very critical to process conditions. Companies aim to increase time between stops, nowadays typically between 4 and 6 years versus a tube life design of 10 years. Tubes can indeed exceed the design life time when run at a lower than intended temperature. Our expert engineers will assist you in the choice of materials so you can save considerably on downtime and maintenance.

Economy on fuel:

Measuring the exact temperature is very critical to firing the furnace or boiler at an economic rate.

Increased tube life and tube reliability:

Tube failures are most commonly due to overheating. Economic firing of furnaces or boilers reduces material wear. Therefore particular attention must be paid to on-stream tube temperature monitoring. Coke detection requires a very accurate measurement method as well.

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